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Our Story

Welcome to Handworks Coffee Studio! We (Mas and Yuriko) are originally from Japan and have been living in Canada since 2002. We started our coffee business in the early summer of 2011. For many years, it had been our long held desire to run a cafe but we did not have enough funds for renting a space. So we initially took a very small step forward; starting a movable cafe at farmer’s markets and special events only on weekends during the summer. The first day of our market was a very hot. We brought iced coffee processed 8 hours on an Oji cold water brewer, and brewed Matsuya-style hand pour coffee on site. People were intrigued by  our unique coffee and methods, but seemed a little scared to actually try it from an unfamiliar vendor. It was understandable, we did not have a truck/trailer nor an espresso machine. At our “cafe”, everything was made by hand. That was not so popular back then, but some brave customers tried our coffee and recommended to other customers at the market. We have to admit the word of mouth power. In a not long time, we became a popular coffee vendor at the market who always have line ups.

On the second year, we started roasting beans by ourselves to control its quality. We uniquely wash and sort all of the green coffee beans (raw) by hand before roasting and sort them again after. For us, roasting is similar to cooking because coffee beans are an agricultural crop. Washing and sorting makes our coffee more delicious and even healthier. Many of our customers complimented that our coffee tastes great, and then it’s easy on their stomach. If you normally do not drink coffee, it may be worthwhile to give our coffee a try!  We spare no effort to provide you the most wholesome coffee in the land.

In 2014, we happily have welcomed a beautiful daughter and continued brewing quality coffee by hand under the tent rain or shine on a weekend basis, and roasting beans on the weekdays.

Beginning of 2015, we have joined in a well-known local coffee shop, Basho Cafe in Vancouver to operate a drink bar until the end of April 2016.

May 2017, we finally opened our coffee shop in Burnaby, BC! It is a tiny shop full of goodies. Enjoy great coffee, matcha drinks, snacks, and characteristic zakka (which is anything and everything improve your life/home.)

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Scout Magazine:  Our drink bar in Basho Cafe was on Scout Magazine in April 2015! Click here to read the article.

Vimeo:  Our video on brewing coffee by using Matsuya style. Click here to watch it.