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We Finally Opened Our Cafe!

It's been a long journey to get here but we finally opened our door today!! We thank to all of our customers supported us. We could not be here without you. 

For about a week or so, our business hours are Tue-Sat from 11am till 3pm. We will open for longer hours later on.

In our tiny store, we have great coffee, matcha drinks, snacks, and zakka, which we defined as "anything and everything improves your life and home". It could be anything from a roll of washi tape to a pair of L-shaped socks to a coffee handgrinder. Here are some of example of our zakka selections:

Washi tapes (by Kamoi) - Kamoi has been making tapes for over 90 years.

Tombow pencils - It is one of quality pencil maker in Japan since 1913.

Tsubame notebooks - Beloved by Akira Kurosawa (Japanese filmmaker), Agnes b. (French fashion designer) and many more.

KAI nail crippers - Quality nail clippers by Kai Corporation founded in 1908. The company started as a small workshop producing folding knives in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Matsuya wire drippers - Handmade by craftsman in Japan.

Toothbrush by Tanabe - Mr. Jukichi Tanabe is a toothbrush maker since he was 10 years old. He has been focusing on creating “easy-to-clean” toothbrush for the past 70 years.

There are more zakka in the store waiting for you.