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"Matsuya Style" Hand Pour Coffee

Over the years we've pursued different methods of brewing coffee, and we strongly feel that this is the best method. The Matsuya-Style brewing method was discovered by Matsuya Coffee Co. (est.1909) in Nagoya, Japan. The wire frame dripper is an unique feature of Matsuya-Style brewing. This wire frame dripper is handmade by craftsman in Japan and it allows coffee grounds to expand as much as possible during wetting process.

We use 1.5 - 2 times more coffee beans compared to other cafes and serve only the first half of the brewed coffee. This generates a unique delicious (Umami) coffee with a distinctive aroma coffee. We believe that this result can only be achieved at the beginning of the brewing process. As a result, our coffee is very rich but still mild and easy on your stomach.