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Sorting + Washing Beans by Hand

We put the utmost importance on cleanliness and preparation in our beans.  We uniquely wash and sort all of the green coffee beans (raw) by hand before roasting and sort them again after to ensure great quality.  For us, roasting is similar to cooking because coffee beans are an agricultural crop.  And just like fruits and vegetables, we believe they must be carefully washed and prepared before consuming.

Every bag of HwCS is committed to the 3 F's:

  • Fair - Coffee farmers work hard to produce beans. We spare no effort in bringing out the best quality of the coffee beans.
  • Fresh - Important factor for good coffee. Much consideration is made to ensure proper freshness.
  • Fungus-free - Coffee in its raw state often yields fungus. We hand-sort all beans that have blemishes before roasting to obtain excellence.

One of our coffee masters said,

"Sorting beans out is our responsibility. Especially like us, small coffee shops.

Do what you think it's right even if it's extra work for you."