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Hand Sorted + Nano Batch Roasted

At Handworks Coffee Studio, we sort out defective beans by hand to ensure the highest and healthiest quality coffee bean possible. Since 2017 of May, we have been focusing on running our brick-and-mortar shop in Burnaby, BC and have downsized our commercial roaster to a small roaster. Currently, we partially roast beans we serve/sell at the shop, and have an enthusiastic roast partner, Counterpart Coffee from Squamish in BC. Although their beans' quality is first-rated, we continually sort out beans before serving/selling to our valued customers.  

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We Finally Opened Our Cafe!

It's been a long journey to get here but we finally opened our door today!! We thank to all of our customers supported us. We could not be here without you.  For about a week or so, our business hours are Tue-Sat from 11am till 3pm. We will open for longer hours later on. In our tiny store, we have great coffee, matcha drinks, snacks, and zakka, which we defined as "anything and everything improves your life and home". It could be anything from a roll of washi tape to a pair of L-shaped socks to a coffee handgrinder. Here are some of example of our zakka selections: Washi tapes (by Kamoi) - Kamoi has been making tapes for over...

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Sorting + Washing Beans by Hand

We put the utmost importance on cleanliness and preparation in our beans.  We uniquely wash and sort all of the green coffee beans (raw) by hand before roasting and sort them again after to ensure great quality.  For us, roasting is similar to cooking because coffee beans are an agricultural crop.  And just like fruits and vegetables, we believe they must be carefully washed and prepared before consuming. Every bag of HwCS is committed to the 3 F's: Fair - Coffee farmers work hard to produce beans. We spare no effort in bringing out the best quality of the coffee beans. Fresh - Important factor for good coffee. Much consideration is made to ensure proper freshness. Fungus-free - Coffee in...

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"Matsuya Style" Hand Pour Coffee

Over the years we've pursued different methods of brewing coffee, and we strongly feel that this is the best method. The Matsuya-Style brewing method was discovered by Matsuya Coffee Co. (est.1909) in Nagoya, Japan. The wire frame dripper is an unique feature of Matsuya-Style brewing. This wire frame dripper is handmade by craftsman in Japan and it allows coffee grounds to expand as much as possible during wetting process. We use 1.5 - 2 times more coffee beans compared to other cafes and serve only the first half of the brewed coffee. This generates a unique delicious (Umami) coffee with a distinctive aroma coffee. We believe that this result can only be achieved at the beginning of the brewing process....

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